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            9"Industrial Adjustable Thermometer
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            Product Name: 9" Industrial Adjustable Thermometer 

            Model Number:JWU-9"A-1                   Supply Ability: 5,000 pcs/month

            JWU-9 Industrial Adjustable Thermometer

                The main advantage of this adjustable thermometers lies in its readability and adjustment . The length of the case could be 7" or 9" . The FRONT PANEL GLASS , common and red-reading Mercury filled prismatic tube and white V-shaped aluminum scale board highly improve the visibility of it . 

                The stem can be rotated 360 °, so customers can install it to their desirable position. A brass braided rope can protect the tube from breaking and enhance the resistance of sensitive bulb.


            Specifications :

            1) Upper part :
            Material of casing: 7"or 9" Aluminum or flame Retarding ABS Resin

            2) Glass insert:

            Material : Red-reading mercury filled prismatic glass tube

            Fillings: Red, blue, green organic liquid ( when the temperature within -

            40~300 ºF /-40~150 ºC ) or Mercury (when the temperature is above 400 ºF/

            200 ºC)  

            Temperature Range:

            -40~110 ºF/-40+45 ºC ,0~120 ºF/-15+50 ºC ,0~160 ºF/-15+70 ºC 

            30~180 ºF/0+80 ºC , 30~240 ºF/0+120 ºC, 30~300 ºF/0+150 ºC,

            50~400 ºF/10+200 ºC, 50~550 ºF/10+280 ºC, 50~750 ºF/10+400 ºC,

            Scale division: 2.0 ºF / ºC, 1.0 ºF / ºC  5.0º F/º C, 10.0º F/º C


            3) Stem

            Length of stem: 3-1/2", 6", 9", 12"

            Material: Aluminum, brass, or Stainless Steel

            Thread of the stem: 3/4", 1" ,M27 x 2 or above

            Material of thermowell: Brass, SS304 stainless steel ,SS316 stainless


            Thread of the thermowell : 1-1/4"

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